ADEE Conference at Lyon

Birmingham Dental School sent several representatives to Lyon for the Association in Dental Education in Europe.  These included Deborah White, Upen Patel, Damien Walmsley and David Oram from the CPD centre at the Medical School.  The theme of the conference was teaching Evidence Based Dentistry: From Bench to Clinic and further details of the conference may be found on the Lyon ADEE website.  The conference was a mixture of lectures, poster presentations and special interest groups. It goes without saying that the food and drink at the conference was second to none.  The reception at Lyon Town Hall was a magnificent occasion and the annual dinner at Paul Bocuse restaurant was an extravaganza. It was a conference where the delegates worked during the day but were able to relax and network at night.  At the conference Professor Damien Walmsley who is currently Secretary General was elected to be President Elect for 2013 and to take up the Presidency from 2014 to 2016.  Damien also was given the opportunity to give a taster of the conference in Birmingham which will be held in 2013.

A full photographic record of the week provides some memories from the week.

Roll on Birmingham in 2013!