Student Success in Oral Medicine

The Power of Three

Petros Mylonas won 3rd place in the young clinician/scientist oral presentations session at the European Association of Oral Medicine biennial conference held in Athens  11-13 September. His presentation was on a review of the reported association of oral lichen planus with malignant change and was an extension of his elective study that was supervised by Gabriel Landini and John Hamburger.  Petros also worked with Imran Shah. Petros’s presentation was one of 20 that were selected out of a large number of submissions to be given verbally and he was delighted to take third place.

The unit of Oral Medicine was further represented by Ana Poveda, StR in Oral Medicine, who presented a poster on Birmingham’s Oral Medicine Managed Clinical Network.

Petros by his poster
Ana Poveda by her poster
Petros Mylonas presenting
Petros Mylonas looking cool