The John Rippin Elective Bursary Prize

Hurjoht Virdee with David and Liz representing the Rippin family

Hurjoht Virdee, final year dental student at Birmingham gave a presentation at the Sands Cox AGM.  His talk was on his 4th year elective, “An investigation and comparison of accessibility and patient management in Birmingham with Manipal (India)“.  Hurj was the recipient of the inaugural John Rippin Elective Bursary Prize  This is awarded to help a student with altruistic intentions for an elective benefiting third world countries.  Hurjoht presented his work in the presence of Liz and David Rippin who came to the meeting to see the dental elective presentation.  Professor Walmsley introduced Hurjoht and said a few words about John Rippin and his contribution to the dental school and the Sands Cox society.

Hurjoht enjoyed the day and found it “a great experience and met so many wonderful people.” Congratulations and a worthy performance that John Rippin will have been proud of.

Hurjoht Virdee presenting at the Sands Cox AGM