Welcome Back

The Search for Information on the School of Dentistry
Search for Information on the School of Dentistry

Welcome back and just as there is a new Star Trek film slated for 2013, we already have our latest consoles in place outside the Alex MacGregor Lecture Theatre.  These are our new University Information Access points.
Back to the start of term and I hope you all had a good rest.  One of my House Officers said “A rest is needed to get over the rest during Christmas and the New Year”.  So if you are feeling refreshed or coming back to the School for a rest then another big Welcome Back.
This is a big year for the School of Dentistry in different ways which will influence the careers of students, staff and the building itself.  So stay tuned and if you want to access our latest information then have a go on our information points.  To quote from Star Trek “To boldly go where no School has gone before”