Cheese and Wine Quiz Night

Excitement during the tiebraker
Excitement during the tiebreaker

The Annual Cheese and Wine Quiz  Night goes from strength to strength.  This year with the advent of a roaming microphone for quizmaster Prof Walmsley, the organisers were able to get more students per square metre into the canteen.  Tickets for the event sold out faster than a Rolling Stones concert with the lion’s share going to the Final Year who had already taken their final examination paper that morning.  The questions were very difficult and included a challenging Dental Knowledge round.  Professor Lumley was called into adjucate on the Weine classification of root canals and there was some banter with final years and SHOs about odontogenic keratocysts.  The tiebreaker for the top three teams was won by Quizzle Kicks (I think that is correct but stand to be corrected)

Thanks must go to the organising team led by Sarah Franks and included Patrick Stewart, Maryan Ezzeldin and Harpreet Kaur.  One of the best Cheese and Wine Quiz nights ever.

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