Message from Reina

Reina back home in Melbourne
Reina back home in Melbourne

‘G’day’ everyone!

I have finally adjusted back to Melbourne time after a whirlwind trip in Europe and am really wishing I were back, as the stress of assessments and case presentations kicks in. It’s getting gloomy down in Melbourne (yes it does rain here!), which I hope means that Birmingham is warming up!

Thanks to everyone who made my time in Birmingham what it was! It was such a good experience – just to be able to meet all the students and learn about the differences in the course and the UK NHS dental system. I keep repeating myself but everyone was just so warm and welcoming and made my stay so enjoyable.

Being able to go along to the primary school visit for Paediatric Dentistry was definitely a highlight and, naturally, Cadbury World. We are definitely a little over-enthusiastic about Cadbury over here in Australia ha ha!

Good luck to final year students, I’m sure you will ace your exams! 🙂 I will be sure to follow Professor Walmsley’s blog to see what you are all up to!

Reina Yang