50 years and counting

50 year reunion 2013
50 year reunion 2013

Fifty years is a long time but for a group of dentists it signified a special reunion.  Peter Neal organised a 50 year reunion of his year and a special afternoon was put on for them at the School of Dentistry.  The afternoon started with a tour of the building and this was followed by a series of lectures which included: –

  • Dr David Attrill – Old and new Dental Hospital
  • Professor Philip Lumley – School Review
  • Professor Giles Perryer – IT Learning

This was followed by a session at the 8th Floor Clinical Skills Laboratory led by the dental instructors, Glyn Thomas and Martyn Baylis.  Glynn found the year’s old Gold issue book which had records for every time students signed to have gold for a restoration. He even found some names in the ledger and for fun demanded financial outstanding payment for lost grammes! Glynn and Martin also put together some old equipment, porcelain and dentures etc., for a real trip down memory lane.

Those people who attended the 50 year reunion included
Maddy Coates, John Cobb, Trevor Coles, Paddy Cook, Rosemary Day, Trevor Godsell, Andy Guttmam, Jane Timms, Jeff Horton, Ian Kenny, Richard Lane, Sandra Macdonald, Richard Mathews, Peter Neal,  Hilary Osbourne, Jas Singh, Jairam Reddy, Colin Yates, Andrew Young