Sporty Dentals


Last weekend saw a first for BUDSSports! We hosted Bristol Dental Students in a weekend of sport and socialising. The girl’s netball team started of the weekend playing a fierce 40 minutes of gameplay. Supported by the football team, friends and family, Birmingham won with the final score of 14 to 10. Then it was outside for the boy’s football match, with new faces coming to support the 90 Minutes of intense play, again Birmingham beat the opposition with a score of 3 to 2.


The rivalries were left on the pitch as, after showers we all met up for a Curry at the finest of Selly Oaks restaurants! After the meal we continued on to Urban Village where the evening really got going, with more Dental Students turning up all the time. The fancy dress theme was anything beginning with ‘B’, which saw much fine attire; from Baywatch to Builders to just Blue paint, to end the night we took our new Bristol friends to the infamous Guild night FAB.

This event bought together all the years from Birmingham and more importantly bought us together with another Dental School, Bristol. Recognition has to go to our BUDSSports reps Will McKemey and Charlotte Talbot and to Rich Grey from Bristol for organising this weekend. A job well done. We hope it will become a more common event as we look forward to meeting our new friends again, on and off the pitch!

Thanks to Alice Parr for the photos and Patrick Stewart for the photographs.

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