The Birmingham team
The University of Birmingham team

Dr Sammons in Biomaterials shares the joy of 2nd year Biomaterial student Alex Morrell who with the Birmingham team did exceptionally well at a recent Archery competition.   Alex only took up archery a year ago

Dear Dr Sammons,
Just to let you know how we did at Telford 🙂

Personally I finished 8th out of around 600 people which i’m completely ecstatic about! behind 4 Great Britain archers, and shot 573/600 which was a personal best!  As a team, Birmingham experienced (4 people) we got a PODIUM!!! we came 3rd, incredibly close!! Which is the first time we’ve got a podium at a national shoot since 1995! So an absolutely fantastic result!  This also means I brought back “BUCS points” for the university so get some prize money and a “Half blue award” or something like that 🙂 which is great!On a side note Ashe Morgan (from Birmingham does Physics (and a GB archer)) came joint second individually scoring 588/600 so he did really well!!
Cheers 🙂

The Birmingham team receiving their medals
The Birmingham team receiving their medals