Dental Photo


Are you keen on Dental Photograph then this app aimed at the whole dental team is for you.  It provides users with details of the use of photography in the dental office/practice. The app has been produced by Mike Sharland, dental photographer and trainer for over 30 years.
All the equipment requirements and step by step optimum menu settings for your camera are described in this app.  You can either buy direct from the web site or set up your own equipment, especially if you already have a camera and want to utilise it for dental photography.  Mike’s mission is as follows,

“Get the images you want, not what the camera wants to give you”

The app is available for download from the Apple apps store or Google Play.

Here is a review by Professor Damien Walmsley


Dental Photo App

Dental Photography is an important part of the clinical care of patients for any dental clinician. Photographs have a variety of uses including providing a clinical record and for sharing your work with colleagues for the purposes of clinical review. A good pictorial record may also be used for patient information leaflets and other presentation formats including your web site. Having a reliable source of information is always welcome and if it is in a format that is available on your mobile device then you have that knowledge always available. Therefore it is pleasing to see Mike Sharland, a well respected dental photographer, producing a mobile phone app that is available on both Apple and Android platforms. Mike has delivered countless postgraduate courses throughout the UK and also published in traditional paper format so he is well placed to deliver the information. He delivers sensible practical advice and is also the author of the website

The mission statement of this photography app is

“Get the images you want, not what the camera wants to give you”

Dental Photo is a dedicated app for the mobile phone and whilst it may be seen as a little text rich, I must confess that I have enjoyed reading the detail when I have a few moments spare. That is the great advantage of the app is that you can view it at times that suit you and the information is a great reminder when you are taking clinical photographs.   All images are clickable for higher resolution viewing and as you expect are very high quality. The linking and clicks need a little thought as the external link is to the main website and you then have to take further searching to look through the extensive information that is available. I understand that this is being updated to make the link transition more focussed. The details are for both Nikon and Canon cameras. The manual settings for taking clinical pictures with your digital camera are clearly stated. I have seen many clinicians using so many different settings but Mike Sharland sets the record straight for reliable clinical photography. You will have to purchase the app or attend one of Mike’s courses to see what they are.

There are 5 sections Introduction, Getting Started, Gear, Settings and Technique. The final three sections have further subsections. The gear takes in the camera, lens and flash. There is also a very useful section on accessories. The more I use it the more I like it and I have this as one of my favourite apps on my phone and it has now reached the front screen. I now approach my clinical photography with new enthusiasm and always eager to see how the tips and tricks outlined in the app make a difference to my photographs.

There are a few niggles that prevent the full 5 stars. Navigation is a little difficult and it is a case of using the back button and then going forward. However with practice and familiarity the app starts to open up but there is a learning curve. There is no search facility in the app to quickly go to sections that you are interested in. The only way to do this is to become familiar with the app and then remember where each section is. The links to the external web site are being updated and this will make it extremely useful.

In Summary this is a nicely priced app that is worth buying. It is packed with lots of useful information that will improve your dental photography. It is useful to have such an app on your phone which means the information is always at your fingertips. The pictures are good, the advice is sensible and the end result is that your patients and practice portfolio will benefit from the high quality photographs that are produced.

Damien Walmsley 2014