Elective Presentations 2014

Elective presentations 2014
Elective presentations 2014

Kirsty Hill, the Chief Elective Co-ordinator writes:-

Thank you for your Elective Presentations they were all fantastic and you made it extremely hard for the judges to make a decision.   After careful consideration the judges have decided that the prizes are awarded as follows:

Rajvansh Juneja
The Dental Student Society Prize for best overall Elective Presentation

Baljeet Nandra
The Sands Cox Society John Rippin Memorial Prize for the best Elective Report

Cristina Parenti, Camilla Morrison, Alison Lange, Rajvansh Juneja, Hardeep Sahota
The Sir Arthur Thompson Trust Award

The full list of presenters and their topics are outlined below:-

Miss Baljeet Nandra
Free Bone Grafts for Mandibular Reconstruction in patients who have not received radiotherapy – The 6cm rule – myth or reality?

Miss Cristina Parenti
An exploration of the determinants of dental decay among 0-12 year old children in Dumaguete, The Philippines

Mr Ameer Allybocus
Study investigating the differences between the United Kingdom and Germany with regards to managing wisdom (third molar) teeth

Miss Camilla Morrison
Develop and organisation to promote oral health awareness in the homeless populations

Miss Alison Lange
Access and attitudes towards oral health, within adult social care

Mr Rajvansh Juneja
Debris removal in root canals prepared using an off-centered rectangular cross-section NiTi files assessed with Micro-Computer Tomography

Miss Dima Mobarak
A comparison of the management and treatment options for mild crowding in Class I patients between students in the USA and UK, with an outlook on the scope of orthodontic teaching in an American Dental School compared to Birmingham Dental School

Miss Gaganpreet Rakhra
Investigating the knowledge and attitudes of dental patients and whether this correlates with their level of dental anxiety.

Mr Hardeep Sahota
A qualitative study to compare the teaching structure, methods and mode of assessment, in accordance to the education policy guidelines, in Oral Surgery between University of Birmingham (UK) and Tufts University (USA)

Elective Presenters 2014
Elective Presenters 2014