Dental Education but not as you know it

Boston is hosting the American Dental Education Association and Prof Walmsley is attending as ADEE president and sends this report

Boston 10
Sending Curiosity to Mars

After the opening ceremony we were treated to a motivational lecture “Curiosity changed my life” from Adam Steltzner who was the Chief Landing Phase Engineer and Development Manager for the landing of the Mars Rover, Curiosity. The obstacles were enormous yet the team overcame them to land the robotic rover.  A good insight on how to lead and bring people together to a common goal.

This year’s dental education conference has several new ideas coming through and these are a selected few that caught the eye.

  • Cloud technology is gaining ground and is leading to a patient information system that can be streamed down to any device. The robustness of the data protection on the cloud has passed stringent tests and the technology is so flexible compared to traditional EDI systems. One to watch!

    Boston 11
    Flexible interface
  • The dental chairs on show looked very plush with soft comfortable leather upholstery. It is a pity the chairs in the new build will not feature this rather expensive modifications.

    Boston 09
    Plush dental chairs
  • Finally the robotic patient that was on show was very realistic and two videos are included for you to assess. The female robot reacts to pain and does a series of very lifelike movements. I wonder if phantom head teaching will ever be the same again with the advent of robotic patients.