Andy Davies Book Launch

Harriet Moss writes
“As many of you are aware Andy Davies was a dentist who qualified here in Birmingham in 2002.  He taught undergraduates on clinical practice for some time before becoming the vocational training advisor for the Worcester scheme.  In November 2011, at the age of 33 he suffered a stroke leaving him with locked in syndrome – where he could move nothing but his eye lids but was mentally aware of everything going on around him.  His prognosis was bleak and initially he could only communicate by blinking; many of you will have followed his progress reading his blog written by his wife Emma.  The last few years he has struggled to gain some of his life back and last Summer set about writing a book, “Pressed but not Crushed”.  The book will be on sale in November and there will be an opportunity to buy it early at his book launch on September 12th at the Holiday Inn in Birmingham city centre. 

 Andy has always supported an anti-trafficking charity, Hope for Justice.  He feels that he has had lots of support from family, friends, colleagues and strangers and those facing trafficking have none of this type of help and so proceeds from his book and money made on the night will go to Hope for Justice.  The night will include a 3 course dinner, the speaker will be Ben Cooley CEO of Hope for Justice, there will be a live band and many great prizes to bid for in an auction!  Tickets cost £25 but bring your cheque books!  (Andy Davies flyer )
If you would like tickets please contact Harriet Moss, I am on 6W on a Thursday, or you can email me

For more on the blog here is Emma Davies’ blog site