Surf’n’Brush Summer Camp

This an account of the “surf’n’brush” camp which was run by Curaprox. Razia Butt (BDS4) has kindly put together this report for the Blog.  If you want to know more then read to the end. – “Yourblogger”

This summer, Talveen Koner (BDS4) and I joined 30 other dental students from all over Europe for an unforgettable surfing experience with a dental edge.

After some tiring delays at Lisbon airport, we finally made it to Peniche Surf Camp. Once our luggage was safely stored in our rooms, we headed to a sunset party on the rooftop and were able to meet all the other dental students. It was fascinating to compare how their teaching varied from ours and just generally hear about the dental profession in different countries.

portugal7 portugal5 The “surf’n’brush” camp was run by Curaprox which not only meant we got plenty of free dental products but also that we completed a course in iTop (individually trained oral prophylaxis). We received some lectures about oral hygiene and motivating patients to help them improve on their cleaning techniques. The group was then split into smaller ones to work on the practical side of the course. Effective brushing technique, the loop-floss technique and tailoring the right size interdental brush to each space were all on the agenda. Bleeding gums all round clearly showed our own regimes were not up to scratch!

portugal2 portugalThe rest of our time in Portugal was dedicated to the waves. Once our wetsuits were donned and ridiculously heavy surf boards were half dragged/half carried across the beach, we were ready to jump in. All the bruises and aching limbs were well worth the thrill of finally catching a wave.

I’d thoroughly recommend taking part in a camp such as this as not only do you have the chance to learn a new skill and have loads of fun whilst doing so, but also meet lots of new people – who knows when friends from Stockholm to Budapest may come in useful on your future travels!
portugal3 portugal4– Yourblogger writes this was organised by Dr Ana Stevanovic of Curaprox and her contact details can be obtained from Andrew Kalli (BDS4) or Prof Walmsley.  

There are other events that students may wish to get involved with and these include an EDSA summer camp where Prof Walmsley was the key speaker.  You can view details of this at the following link Such events are very popular and are an excellent way to spend those Summer Days and Nights next year.