Take A Look At Me Now

Katie Oakley who is a clinical photographer for Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust was allowed into the new Dental School and Hospital and took these amazing photographs.  Many of you will already be familiar with Katie’s Photographs as she is a regular photographer for the Talent Show.  Let us follow Katie as she moves through the new building taking photographs.

Here we are arriving at the Car Park
Car park Car parkIt looks a little quiet but in a few months time……

You may want to use the Main Entrance
Main entranceMain entrance Main entranceLooks a nice place to enter…..

Inside the building and here are the first looks at the Atrium
AtriumAtriumAtriumAtriumAtriumWell lets look at the Cashier’s and Clinical Illustration
Cashiers Clinical Illustration Clinical IllustrationMoving swiftly on 🙂 to the clinics

First off First Floor and here we are in Restorative
First floor - restorative First floor restorative First floor restorative First floor restorative First floor restorative

and the patients have a nice view whilst they are waiting
First floor waiting roomDo you need some Imaging?  (fancy name for x-ray)
ImagingImagingOnto Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine
Oral surgery-oral medicineOral surgery-oral medicineThen we have orthodontics and paediatric dentistry
Orthodontics and PaediatricsOrthodontics and paediatricsOrthodontics and PaediatricsOrthodontics and peadiatricsOrthodontics and Peasiatrics

Second floor Administration
Just waiting for a few desks and people
Second floor administrationAnd into the Classroom…..Second floor classroomSecond floor classroomAt the 3rd floor and the Atrium looks impressive
Atrium 3rd floor_4075I am looking forward to seeing these University Offices
Atrium 3rd floor
And now we reach the roof…
Roof view
So that is a whistle stop tour of the new building with Katie and her camera.  Hope you enjoyed the visit and looking forward to being there in 2016.