Dental Electives Birmingham 2015

Dr Kirsty Hill writes for the Blog.
It was another successful Elective Presentation Day, with some excellent research carried out by our students.  The standard of presentation was extremely high.  The Prizes following elective presentations today were awarded as follows:

  • The Sands Cox Society John Rippin Memorial Prize for the best Elective Report  – Rebecca Linney
  • The Dental Student Society Prize for the Best Overall Elective Presentation  – Shima Chundoo
  • The Sir Arthur Thompson Trust – Shima Chundoo, Priya Daudharia, Rebecca Linney, Oluwatosin Ogidan, Krisha Vekaria

I would like to thank the Judges and chair of the sessions.
Judges: Prof White, Dr Ravaghi, Miss Yonel, Miss Agar and Mrs Hamburger
Chair: Dr Scheven

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Elective Coordinators (Prof Addison, Dr Stewardson, Dr Palin, Dr Scheven, Dr Hofmann) Supervisors, Staff that support the Elective (Rachel Deen, Caren Williams & Karen Williams) Electives Markers, Moderators and two members of staff who have helped students for many years organise and carry out their electives – Prof Walmsley and Mr Bilal Ahmed.  – thank you all for another successful year.

Dr Kirsty Hill
Head of Electives

The list of the presenters and presentations from our successful final year students are as follows:-

Shradha Patel – An investigation into communication between dentists and dental technicians
Mateena Rauf – A Study into the range of methods used to successfully Aid Legal cases and human Identification in Riberao Presto, Brazil
Nilusha Anantharajah – Paediatric Dental Anxiety – are video glasses the strategy we’ve been looking for?
Nilam Ark = A reflective study to investigate the responses of nursery school children to dental acclimatization
Rebecca Linney – A study to determine the public’s perception of water fluoridation based on social media posts
Kinaree Patel – Investigating Dental Anxiety in General Dental Practice.
Shima Chundoo – The effect of loneliness on oral health of older adults: a care service evaluation.
Deryn Khaffaf – To evaluate the difference in implant services between the International University of Malaya and the University of Birmingham Dental School’s
Raeesa Khan – Pricing Strategies for Preventive Dentistry in Free Market and Nationalised Health Systems.
Priya Daudharia – Does Fairtrade coffee stimulate ethical consumerism?Jessica Huang – Miss Differing practices and Management in Temporomandibular disorder between the East and West Coasts of USA
Emily Chapman – Miss Is it all about Price?
Hemani Bubber – What is the public perception, attitude and knowledge towards the dangers surrounding Hooleach smoking in UK
Stephanie Robinson – A literature review contrasting the quality of life between two modalities of treatment in the reconstructive phase of cancer of the maxilla: an obturator vs surgical reconstruction of the defect.
Jaimini Shah – How forensic odontology is used in Brazil and the UK in the identification of human remains.
Krisha Vekaria – To determine the most effective method of delivery oral hygiene instructions to patients on Periodontology department at Birmingham Dental Hospital