Show us the Future !!!

(Taken from the EDSA and Futudent announcement)

EDSA and Futudent are proud to announce that the entry from the University of Birmingham has won the contest “Video in dental education: show us the future”. The team of 3rd and 4rd year students convinced the EDSA and Futudent jury members unanimously with their presentation how they want to use (Futudent) video dentistry to further enhance and improve their education.

Futudent will be in contact with the Birmingham team during January to hand over their well earned Futudent package. The video, made by Andrew Kalli, William Johnston, Joanna Dimelow, Molly Deykin and Razia Butt can be viewed here (…/c6674846-70b0-42a0-b504-a584008…)

EDSA and Futudent would like to thank all entries for their hard work and creativity.

For more information, contact:

Hans Garritzen
Sales Manager, Europe and Education