BUAFTA Award to James Kelly


Congratulations to James Kelly from the School’s CAFS team, who won the BUAFTA award for “Exceptional Change Leadership” at the awards ceremony held in the University of Birmingham’s Great Hall on Friday 19 Feb.

James has led on CAFS which is a major breakthrough on assisting Dental Students with their clinical studies.  The design, implementation and rolling out of our tablet-based Clinical Assessment and Feedback System (CAFS) has been a major task, with all the expected difficulties of getting a large and diverse group of people on board with “a new way of working”. Nearly all clinical teachers and students will know James for the personal help he has given with CAFS, and the gentle and tactful leadership he has shown to ensure its widespread and routine use.

The pictures taken by Professor Giles Perryer show how the night unfolded with James receiving his award.  The award and the table was sponsored by Paul Anderson of Robinson Low Francis (RLF).

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