Open for Business

31st March 2016 and the new School and Hospital is open to the public.  The building is looking good but there is still a lot of unpacking to be done.  Boxes are still around the place being opened with the contents being emptied into shelves and drawers.  There are some hitches but these are quickly being sorted so that the Hospital and School are back to normal operating  status as quickly as possible.  People are genuinely excited looking into people’s offices and finding out what the clinics look like.  Where is the restaurant and the coffee shop, who is where and how many different ways can you get from the ground to the third floor. It will be a learning exercise for many of us as we use our SatNavs on our phones to navigate around the building.   The opening day was reported in the news and shown on BBC Midlands today.  Next week all the students return and the hospital and school will be really buzzing.  More pictures and news stories will follow and hope you don’t get too bored by then all 🙂

The official communication from BCHT