Staff Student Football

A report of the annual football match by Alex Tsang (3rd year BDS)

On the 21st June, two titan teams took to the field to decide the winner of 2016’s Staff vs Student football match. Conditions were clear and mild, perfect for 90 minutes of competitive football. The sidelines were packed with fans and the stage was set.
Relations between the two teams were friendly before the match, however as soon as the whistle blew both teams adopted a Dave Jackson/Doug Macmillan approach to tackles and 50:50s. That is to say tempers flared, every ball was contested and shins were bruised.
Special thanks go to the referee, Jessica Gallagher, who kept both teams in line.
The first half started at such a ferociously high intensity that there were some tired legs on the pitch as early as the 2nd minute. The staff capitalised on the students’ poor performance in the early stages of the game netting four times in the first half
hour. Their passing and moving was far superior, and this was reflected in the scoreline. The students pulled one back just before the half time break. A brilliant placed shot into the bottom corner by Sandro Fontanini.

4-1 at half time.

The second half was a tale of two penalties. The students raised their game, improving their communication, structure and passing, resulting in a more evenly matched game. But the difference between the two teams came in front of goal, as a handball in the
opposition’s penalty area for each team meant two penalties. Richard Thomas-Robinson for the staff kept his composure to score, whereas a scuffed attempt by Will Mckemey was saved by the staff goal keeper. (That must be Paul Aberdeen works for NHS – Editor)

The game finished Staff 5 – 1 Students.

The highlight of the game had to be the staff’s second goal. From outside the box, the ball flew over defenders’ heads and the outstretched arm of goal keeper Will Johnston, landing in the top corner of the goal.

Man of the match for the staff was their goal keeper, who kept concentration throughout the game, making no mistakes and expertly saving a penalty.

For the students, man of the match went to Will Mckemey for his playmaker role in midfield that drove his team forward in the second half.