4th BDS – Front Cover Heroes

The front cover of the British Dental Journal features students from 4th BDS arranged in human letters to spell out BDJ.  Issue No 6, September 2016, Volume 221 was published this week and the sleeve notes (taken from the BDJ) by Prof Walmsley are as follows: –

“For this photograph, the present 4th year Birmingham dental students agreed to take part and the setting is the Peace Garden adjacent to the new Birmingham Dental School and Hospital. The picture was taken from the roof of the building looking down towards the students. It was a very hot July afternoon and our students found standing still for a period of time whilst looking up to the sun difficult. My thanks to Katie Oakley and Serena Shandley from clinical photography, who co-ordinated moving dental students around on the ground to make the letters ‘B’, ‘D’ and ‘J’. Finally, many thanks to our BDS students who are excited to be featured on the Journal’s front cover”

The picture is the raw image which underwent some photoshop to tidy up the concrete circles.  To see the final cover please follow the link below