Happy Birthday to the Blog

The blog is 10 years old and it is interesting to see what the first entries were in September 2016.  The archives are PDFs and are in reverse order.  This was now the information was put on the website which was hosted by the University.  The change to a Word Press site was not until 2012.  There were many entries on the web site prior to the official blog and these may be found using the “Wayback Machine” website.  Many of the records are not retrievable as the web has changed and storing information was not seen as such a priority.  The Birmingham Blog has inspired many other school news items and has also been a great way for Alumni to keep in contact with the school

The first entries may be found in the following PDF https://brumdentists.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/01_news-from-the-school-2006-dentistry-at-birmingham-uk.pdf

My personal highlights include reflecting on who was in charge on General Dental Practice 10 years ago:

“It is a new term and the students return refreshed and raring to go. The final years are in their new GDP firms and are already on the prowl for presentation cases. Each GDP firm is led by an experience member of staff. The head of GDP is Richard Caddick who provides a link between the school and general dental practice. Richard is a practitioner and also leads a VT group. He is well placed at this interface. The other two heads are Roger Pearson who is a part time practitioner and Dominic Stewardson a full time academic with experience of practice.”