Elective Day 2016

The dental elective day was a huge success with 19 presentations from the year.  This was the first elective day to take place in the new building.  The lecture theatre was packed as students were treated to an impressive range both local and international dental projects.  The students made it extremely hard for the judges to make a decision.   However after careful consideration the judges have decided that:

  • The Sands Cox Society John Rippin Memorial Prize for the Best Elective has been awarded to Stephanie Agar
  • The Dental Student Society Prize for the Best Overall Elective Presentation has been awarded to Andrew Kalli
  • The Dental Student Society Prize for the Best Overall Elective Presentation Certificate of Merit has been jointly awarded to Talveen Koner and Sonia Soopen
  • The Sir Arthur Thomson Trust  has been awarded to Bethan Pritchard and Raj Shah
  • The Gabrielle Stanley Prize for Paediatric Dentistry Elective has been awarded to Samantha Cottam

Congratulations to all the students and well done.

A list of all the presenters and their topics is shown below :-

Elective Day Presentation
9th November 2016
LT1 & LT2

OPEN PROCEEDINGS – Dr Kirsty Hill (Chief Elective Co-ordinator)

Session One Chair – Dr Ben Scheven (Elective Co-ordinator)

  • Taranjit Sangar – Oral Health in Tanzania: A comparative study of oral hygiene encompassing patients’ perceptions and dental student observations
  • Shah Raj – The comparison of oral hygiene in physically disabled women in Shanzu, Kenya before and after tailored preventative intervention
  • Roxanne Dean-Arshadi – An Investigation into Public Perception of Dentists with Visible Tattoos
  • Shivani Patel – A study into the prevention of complications of surgical lower wisdom tooth extraction and preferred analgesics prescribed post operatively
  • Razia Butt – The management of patients prescribed anti-resorptive and anti-angiogenic medication requiring dental extractions: a literature review
  • Rahul Savjani – A Cross Sectional Study of the Demands for Dental Treatment & the Reasons for those Demands amongst Patients in Tanzania
  • Samantha Cottam – The Multidisciplinary Management of Cleft Lip and Palate Patients from Birth to Adulthood
  • Talveen Koner – Investigating Changes in a Neutrophil Derived Protein (MPO) and a Neutrophil Activating Protein (ENA-78) in Obese Patients Undergoing Gastric Band Bariatric Surgery
  • Andrew Kalli – Complete denture impressions: first-choice materials taught in undergraduate dental courses across Europe
  • Dhrushvi Devji – What makes up a “beautiful smile” and how do the perceptions differ in England and India?
  • Jeremy Boyles – Does student debt impact upon dental students and newly qualified dentists’ self-perceived stress levels at the University of Birmingham?

Session Two Chair – Dr Vahid Ravaghi (Elective Co-ordinator)

  • Ashiv Mehta – A Review and Discussion of trends and reasons as to why Dental Professionals are summoned for misconduct
  • Daisy Wye – Do clinical dental care professional students at the University of Birmingham School of Dentistry have sufficient education and skills to deliver diet advice for the adult dental patient as part of routine dental care as determined by student questioning?
  • Natalie Turton – A Clinical Audit Of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Blocks On Undergraduate Oral Surgery Clinics At Birmingham Dental Hospital, With An Investigation Into Local Anesthesia Education At The University Of Birmingham And The Arthur A. Dugoni Dental School In San Francisco, USA
  • Bethan Pritchard – Assess opinions on testing for general medical conditions in dental and pharmacy settings plus validation of Vitamin D finger prick equipment: City Assays 25-hydroxy Vitamin D2 and D3
  • Sonia Soopen – A micro-CT analysis of root canals filled with BioRoot RCS using three obturation techniques
  • Helen Vincer – A Comparison of the Use of Oral Soft Tissue Biopsies in Ashford, Kent and Birmingham
  • Gurvinder Bhandal – How Oral Healthcare is Provided in Remote Locations in Central Vietnam
  • Stephanie Agar – Developing an Online Study Support Resource for University of Birmingham Dental Students to assist with Clinical Dentistry Techniques