Oral microbiome – friend or foe

Professor Phil Marsh visited the School of Dentistry to deliver a lecture on “the Oral microbiome – friend or foe Implications for treatment”.  The lecture  covered the benefits of the oral microbiome both in health and then disease [dysbiosis]. He provided a review of the hypotheses that explain this transition (from health to disease), concluding on implications for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The highlight of his lecture was the computer modelling of the effects of pH on the transition to disease. Only small changes in the pH brought about dramatic changes in the make up of the biofilm.

The lecture was hosted by Professor Chapple (Head of School) and Sarah Kuehne
(Lecturer in Oral Microbiology)

Professor Marsh is Professor of Oral Microbiology at the University of Leeds, School of Dentistry and as Chief Scientific Leader at Public Health England (PHE) Porton, Salisbury.  He is also R&D Lead for the PHE Respiratory Infections Programme and Board & R&D Lead for the PHE TB Programme Delivery Board. He also happens to be a long life supporter of  Wolverhampton Wanderers as well.