Visitors from Osaka University, Japan

The School was pleased to welcome back, Dr Yusuke Takahashi who is Professor of Restorative Dentistry and Endodontology, Osaka University, Japan.  Yusuke stayed in Birmingham for a year in 2009 and worked with Prof Tony Smith and Prof Paul Cooper.  He is visiting Birmingham as well as linked research groups in Dublin and Belgium.  Yusuke brought over Motoki Okamoto who is also a clinical teacher in Osaka University and studying for his PhD.  Yusuke’s lecture was on “Development of a truly-biological pulp capping material – based on the healing process of pulp tissue“.  This cutting edge research on Endodontics is part of Yusuke’s on going research in this area and there are joint collaboration with Paul Cooper’s research laboratory.  Motoki will be staying to learn research techniques in regeneration of the tooth pulp and will be observing teaching  in the clinical areas.  The Picture shows Prof Tony Smith, Gay Smith and Michelle Holder, Paul Cooper, Yusuke and Motoki.

yusukeThis picture is from 2009 and shows shows Professor Tony Smith, the then Director of Dental Research with Yusuke Takahashi and Jack Ferracane. At the time of the visit in 2009, Yusuke Takahashi was a young Assistant Professor at the Institution Osaka University Graduate school of Dentistry and Jack Ferracane who was Professor and Chair, Biomaterials & Biomechanics at Oregon Health & Science University was also visiting at the same time.