Shaping the future of Dental Education

Dr Patel and Prof Walmsley returned from a 2 day Global conference on dental education between Europe and USA (ADEE and ADEA).  There were also the Presidents and delegates from Brazil, South East Asia and Japan.  There were 270 delegates from 49 countries.  The conference was held on the Kings Campus, London Bridge, London

Prof Corrado Pagenelli ADEE President with delegates

The details are here

Professor Walmsley was chair of the Science and Technology in Dental Education group and one of the initial organisers of this global conference

Dr Upen Patel was rapporteur in the assessment group led by the Medical Education guru Cees van der Vleuten, PhD, from University of Maastricht in The Netherlands.  Upen contributed but also picked up some fantastic ideas and has further enhanced his international standing in the area.

Prof White, Dr Patel and Prof Walmsley

It was a high profile international education conference and there were so many positives and networking opportunities that came out of it.  Deborah White was there too in her role as Journal Editor of the European Journal.  There were Deans and other influential dental figures from USA and European dental schools.  This was seen as a very important dental education conference that will be an instigator of change in future years.  There will be several publications arising from it and just to say Birmingham was well represented.

Back to normal teaching tomorrow but a very uplifting experience on dental education and we will pass on the experiences to the students.

Discussion group on Science and Technology