Institute of Clinical Sciences Away Day

The Institute of Clinical Sciences and has the following mission taken from our Web site.
“The education and training we provide transforms students into professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver top-rate, 21st-century healthcare and carry out life-changing medical research. This is informed by pedagogy and by research in the fields of dentistry, nursing, pharmacy and medical and life-sciences.”

The second Institute of Clinical Sciences Away Day was held in the splendid surroundings of Birmingham Town Hall.  Professor Prem Kumar, Head of the Institute, opened the day and introduced the line up.  First off Prem, Paul Cooper (Research), John Skelton (education) and Helen Matthews (Institute Manager) gave presentations of the activities of the Institute over the last year.

Following this, Prem and the team took questions both from the floor and over the Internet. Then there was a great session on meeting the new staff of the Institute.  Each member had to introduce themselves talk about the research and education plus add a few unknown bits about themselves.

ICS_Away_Day_LR_02In the afternoon there was a highly interactive session putting words against objects on the table and then lining these words up against prepared statements.  The final session was an opportunity for Institute staff to inform others about their teaching and learning projects.  This was a highly productive day and most delegates stayed at the end for refreshments and networking opportunities.  There was also the delights of the Birmingham Food Festival for those people who chose to make a night out in Birmingham.