Dentistry at the Houses of Parliament

Joanna Batt reports on a ‘Hands-on’ event of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Dentistry and Oral Health

On 12th July I attended the above event at the Houses of Parliament – in attendance was the Chief Dental Officer and her deputy. This was a fascinating event including some cutting edge (in some cases literally!) technology which was being pitched to the politicians with an interest in Dentistry within the UK. Photo’s were not permitted unfortunately within the building for security reasons hence the lack of pretty pictures, but a dye to identify demineralised enamel derived from jellyfish, improved Cad-Cam technology and lasers were all on the menu alongside dental simulators. This was an opportunity to see some of the faces connected with dental politics in the UK as well as seeing companies really promoting innovations in dentistry – whether or not they will be coming to a clinic near you soon remains to be seen!

Joanna Batt