Vilnius hosts ADEE 2017

ADEE held its Annual conference at the University of Vilnius in Lithuania. There was strong representation from Birmingham at both student and staff level.
There were several dental students at the EDSA (European Dental Students Association) conference. Two of our students were elected to office.  Elen Rowlands  was elected to Vice President of External Affairs. EDSA created a Supervisory Committee which would oversee the activities of EDSA and Andrew Kalli was elected as a member.  Well done to Elen and Andrew and it is great to have two Birmingham students on the European Students committee.  It is a bit like winning the Eurovision Song Contest.

The main conference covered Evidence based dentistry and was held in the majestic surroundings of the University of Vilnius. Dr Patel is very active in ADEE and runs the “Educators on the Move”. He is also involved with the Assessment group from the European / American Dental Education Societies (ADEE/ADEA). Professor White is the Editor of the European Journal of Dental Education and organised the poster session. One of the keynote lectures was delivered by Prof Damien Walmsley whose lecture “In the year 2525” looked at the future when people will no longer need a dentist. “What will we teach our students?” he asked.  Whilst the educational content of the conference was of the highest standard there was still time to visit the delightful old town of the City. The highlight of the Conference was the gala dinner which was held in the splendid setting of the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.