The Great British Try-in

40 years after first climbing the Medical School’s steps to meet Tom Spence, their fondly remembered BDS tutor for first year, six alumni met at the new Dental School to lay some old ghosts to rest.

Rene joins the group

Tony Downes, John Peterson, Sukh Attwal, David Corcoran, Martin Segelov and Neil McGrogan gathered in the Prosthetics laboratory and were set the undergraduate task they first did all those years ago – a complete dentures wax-up.

The Great British Try-in judges were Glyn Thomas, one of their original teachers, with Polly Walker and Phil Murphy who teach the current generation. High praise indeed when the judges announced that a little of their work was nearly as good as what the current students produce.

Jo Tapper, Cheryl Parkes and the irrepressible Rene all turned up during their time revisiting Birmingham, and the week finished with a dress dinner at Opus in the company of Giles Perryer, one of their class mates now working in the Dental School. What did Rene say? Thank you for coming to see me and God bless you all !

The old hospital and the new students (or is it the other way around)