Sands Cox Charity 2017

The Annual Meeting of the Sands Cox Charity was held on Friday 20th October 2017, at The Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.

The Chair of the morning session Professor Deborah White introduced Dr Shiraz Khan who delivered the Dental Sands Cox Lecture – “The only true constant is change.  Shiraz describes himself as a Dental Surgeon/ International Lecturer/ Key Opinion Leader / Young Dentist Academy Director.  He gave an uplifting lecture on what it means to be a young dentist and how to take the opportunities in life.


This was followed by the Student Bursary Recipients Presentations –

Miss Sahar Abdulrahman – Medicine – Recipient of The Sands Cox Medical Elective Bursary – ‘Do practicing communities want to see an end to Female Genital Cutting (FGC)? An ethnographic report based on local perceptions at a maternity ward in Moshi, Tanzania

The Medical Sands Cox Lecture  was given by Professor Chris Imray who was introduced by Professor Rob Grieve.  His lecture was ‘Research at the top of Everest’.   Chris is the Director of Research, Development and Innovation at UHCW.  He gave a fascinating lecture as he described the largest medical research expedition ever on the ascent of Everest and featured on “Horizon”.  It is a remarkable story and there were many research papers coupled with some amazing pictures.aSCC_08

Miss Steph Agar – Dentistry– Recipient of The Sands Cox John Rippin Dental Elective Report Prize – ‘Developing an Online Study Support Resource for University of Birmingham Dental Students to assist with Clinical Dentistry Techniques’

Miss Lauren Quinn – Medicine – Recipient of The Sands Cox Medical Elective Bursary – ‘Changing Diabetes with the European International Diabetes Federation’

After the Sands Cox Charity AGM where Professor Rob Grieve was installed as President


Miss Aditi Tanna – Dentistry – Recipient of The John Rippin Dental Elective Bursary  ‘Oral health in Sri Lanka; across-sectional study of the prevalence of betel-quid chewing in adult hospital populations and their knowledge of an associated increased risk of oral malignancy’

Miss Eberechi Anucha – Medicine – Recipient of The Sands Cox Medical Elective Bursary – ‘Maternal healthcare provision in the context of active Zika virus transmission: Is prevention practical?’

Miss Gita Lingam – Recipient of The Stuart Green Award – ‘Ophthalmic surveillance of craniosynostosis patients- is it being done correctly at Great Ormond Street Hospital?’

Mr Darren Quelch – Recipient of The Sands Cox Medical Elective Bursary -‘Management of Alcohol Dependence in Birmingham – Service Efficacy and Resource Utilisation of the Elective Detoxification Service at the West-Midlands Poisons Unit’

Prize Giving for Best Student Presentation was awarded to Miss Steph Agar and her prize was presented by Professor Deborah WhiteaSCC_03