The Dental Las Vegas

What is there to look forward to during January 2018, the Annual BUDSS Ball.  No more dark nights and shorter days, transport yourself to another world.  The Birmingham University Dental Students Society held their dinner at Edgbaston Cricket Ground and the theme was Las Vegas.  There were show girls, roulette tables, playing cards and lots more.  The BUDSS committee had put together a fabulous showcase for the society.  The glitz and the glamour was there to see.  It was the largest student Ball ever with nearly 400 students, staff and friends gathered under one roof.  Edgbaston put on a good show and the venue is easy to access especially as they are neighbours to the dental school at Pebble Mill.  Aisha Blackwell and Cameron Horn started the proceedings thanking everyone for coming and letting people know what to expect of the evening.  This was followed by the President, Prabjot Garcha and her VP Nayan Patel who thanked Prof Chapple for his help with the evening and gave thank you presents for those who helped with the event.  After the raffle it was then time to get your picture taken by VJ and his team, play the tables or dance the night away.  Well done to all the BUDSS committee for a fantastic evening.  Here are some pictures taken by Prof Walmsley of the evening.

Madam President 
Send your captions in for this photograph!
Ace is high in the ice sculpture
The entrance way to the Ball
It can only be Phil Murphy
Prof Walmsley gets a selfie
Nayan is happy
The tables are full
Las Vegas Style
Prof Perryer and Dr Camilleri 
Tables for ten
The official photograph to be posted later
Table plans
The one and only Edgbaston