Dental Research Visit to São Paulo

Dental Research Visit to São Paulo, Brazil
12th to 16th March 2018
School of Dentistry, Institute of Clinical Sciences,
College of Medical and Dental Sciences

The School of Dentistry at the University of Birmingham undertook a major visitation of three dental schools in São Paulo, Brazil for the week of 12th to 16th March 2018.  The visit included both industrial and academic components.  The School delegation was comprised of Prof Walmsley, Dr Camilleri, Prof Cooper and Dr Tomson.
The industrial part of the tip was to Angelus, a Brazilian company located in Londrina, Brazil.  Dr Josette Camilleri received funding from the Medical Research Council (MRC) Proximity to Discovery (PtD) for the visit to Londrina.  Angelus develop a range of Biomaterial products for dentistry including Endodontic materials and are looking to collaborate with Birmingham.

This industrial visit provided the School of Dentistry with the opportunity to promote our academic research collaborations.  Professor Damien Walmsley, Medical and Dental Sciences (MDS) Director of Internationalisation joined the delegation for the academic component as the visit allowed Dentistry to showcase research collaborations beyond dentistry and interdisciplinary links through electronic learning and engineering were highlighted.

There were four academic staff on the dental school visit, Prof Paul Cooper, Prof Damien Walmsley, Dr Phil Tomson and Dr Josette Camilleri.  Our lecture tour was expertly organised by Dr Flavia Pires Rodrigues, our UoB Brazil Officer who is also a Dentist with a doctorate in Biomaterials.  Flavia arranged a series of lectures with the following “Faculdade de Odontologia – FO” institutions.

UNESP – Universidade Estadual Paulista (FO-UNESP) on 12/03/2018
Institute of Science and Technology Campus of San Jose dos Campos
Lead contact – Dr. Alexandre Borges
Audience – Post-graduate students and ResearchersBrazil_01

USP – The University of São Paulo School of Dentistry (FO-USP) on 13/03/2018
Main Contact – Dr. Adriana Bona Matos
Visit to the FOUSP facilities and clinics
Audience – Post-graduate students and ResearchersBrazil_02

Unicamp – FOP-UNICAMP-PIRACICABA on 14/03/2018
Meetings with Dr. Karina Gonzales Silverio Ruiz, Dr. Brenda Gomes and Dr. Marcelo Giannini At Unicamp, Josette had the opportunity to discuss further research with one of her collaborators Prof Marina Marciano de Silva.
Visit to the FOP-UNICAMP-PIRACICABA facilities and clinics
Audience – Post-graduate students and ResearchersBrazil_03

A map showing the dental schools we visited.Brazil_04

The Birmingham lectures highlighted the scope and capabilities of interdisciplinary research in Biomaterials, e.g. from stem cell biology, inflammation & ageing to biomaterials science. The speciality focus was on endodontic research.  Our highly rated educational technology teaching was also emphasised.  The lecturers and titles were as follows.

  • Dr. Phil Tomson – Adopting a biological approach to the treatment of pulp and periradicular disease
  • Professor Paul Cooper – Healing and Inflammation in the dentine-pulp complex
  • Dr. Josette Camilleri – Testing materials for use in regenerative dentistry and endodontics
  • Professor Damien Walmsley – How will we be teaching in the year 2025?
  • Dr. Flavia Rodrigues – Research collaboration with the University of Birmingham-UK
  • Angelus: Innovation and Research Support

The lectures were broadcast live from USP and are held on YouTube
Presentations from the hosts and round table discussions following all the lectures identified future collaborative research directions, planning for student and staff exchange and possibility of funded research activities. These will be positive outcomes and already the school enjoys strong links with Brazilian Researchers.

Josette, Phil and Flavia visit to Angelus was also a great success and they visited the factory as well as discussing plans for further interactions with industry. There was also a meet ing with Professors from Bauru Dental School (USP) at Angelus showing the strong links Angelus has with academia. Bauru dental school are also sending a student to Birmingham next October following a successful FAPESP scholarship.

This major visit of the school of dentistry was a huge success and the UoB party also took the opportunity to sample Sunday life on Avenida Paulista, Brazilian food and sights as the pictures show.Brazil_08Brazil_09

There was also the chance to see wildlife roaming around the São Paulo river such as Capybara which I have only seen in zoos before.Brazil_10