Cheese and Wine 2018

The Annual Cheese and Wine Quiz is one of the best loved events in the BUDSS calendar. The quiz is held in the Dental School Canteen and Prof Walmsley was recruited yet again as the quizmaster. The tables had a good range of wines and soft drinks. The cheeses chosen were excellent with aa varied selection to suit all tastes. Dr Patel ensured that the sound system was working well and that towards the end of the evening Prof Walmsley could be heard above the happy noise. The quiz always takes place on the evening after the last written finals paper so many of the team’s names reflected the questions from the papers. The questions were on different topics from sport to geography. There was even a round where you had to find out where Prof Chapple qualified and what Prof Walmsley’s Instagram name is. The winners were treated to large domino pizzas as shown in the pictures. Many thanks to the BUDSS committee for all their work on the quiz and at the end of the evening the canteen was returned to normal for the following working hospital day.W&C_02W&C_03W&C_04W&C_05W&C_06W&C_07W&C_09W&C_10W&C_11