The Dublin – Birmingham Link

Profs Tony Smith and Paul Cooper are visiting Professors at Trinity College Dublin and gave presentations to staff and students at the School of Dental Science, Dublin Dental University Hospital, yesterday (23rd May) lunchtime.

Prof Smith’s presentation was entitled: “REGENERATIVE ENDODONTICS , – where should the focus be ? – what outcomes do we want ?

Prof Cooper’s presentation was entitled: ”HEALING & INFLAMMATION IN THE DENTINE-PULP COMPLEX”.

In the afternoon, Profs Smith & Cooper listened to presentations from Dr Hal Duncan’s PhD students and post-doctoral researchers as part of ongoing collaborations between the School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham and the School of Dental Sciences at Trinity College Dublin.

Collaborations with Drs Hal Duncan & Garry Fleming is well established and has been ongoing for the last 8-years.  This is one of many international collaborations that the School of Dentistry at the University of Birmingham has in place.  Our international network serves to increase the reputation of our School.