Bubble research presented in the USA

Dr Nina Vyas is a post doctoral researcher employed on an EPSRC grant “Maximising cavitation to clean dental implants”.   The research is led by Damien Walmsley and Qianxi Wang and is an interdisciplinary proposal between The School of Dentistry and the School of Mathematics University of Birmingham.  Nina had the opportunity to present her work at two international conferences.

Nina writes

“The 47th ultrasonics industry association conference was held in Atlanta from 30th April-2nd May 2018. Ultrasonics professionals from around the world attended and presented their research on industrial and medical ultrasound applications. A wide range of topics were presented, ranging from ice detection on aeroplane wings using ultrasound, to ultrasonic microscopy for detecting early skin cancer tumors. 
There was also a tour of the ultrasonic research laboratories at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where research is being conducted on a range of topics including energy harvesting and robotic sensing.

UIA 2018 was followed by the 10th International symposium on cavitation, held in Baltimore from May 14th to 16th 2018. This is the world’s leading event specifically for cavitation research, with presentations on the latest advances in numerical simulation and experimentation. Research was presented on topics such as bubble dynamics, cavitation on hydrofoils and biomedical applications. Topics discussed in the biomedical sessions included high intensity focussed ultrasound for thermal ablation of tumors and ultrasound microbubbles for promoting cell growth on tissue engineering scaffolds. 

Research conducted  on cavitation for oral biofilm disruption was also presented at both conferences.  This work includes Damien Walmsley, Sarah Kuhne and Rachel Sammons.”

Georgia Tech University, Atlanta
Enter aKeynote presentation, CAV2018, Baltimore caption
Baltimore Harbour
Robotics Lab, Georgia Tech University, Atlanta