Phototherapy Research Shines

Portable PHOTOtherapy devices for maintaining tissue viability and accelerated wound REPair (PHOTOREP)

A £100k grant has been secured for a translational research project to develop novel devices for the Ministry of Defence to prevent or reduce bacterial colonisation of injuries sustained in military combat, improve maintenance of vital tissue and accelerate tissue regeneration.

An interdisciplinary team was assembled and made up of physical, biological, military and clinical scientists with previous experience in technological development for the military field and consists of the following individuals:

  • Prof Will Palin
  • Dr Mo Hadis
  • Prof Paul Cooper
  • Dr Mike Milward
  • Dr Dick Shelton
  • Dr Sarah A Kuehne
  • Dr Beryl Oppenheim (UHBT)
  • Colonel Steven Jeffrey (UHBT/Military)

Congratulations to the team and we look forward with interest to the results that arise from this research.

Left to right – Mo, Paul, Sarah, Dick and Will (not shown are Dr Mike Milward, Dr Beryl Oppenheim, Colonel Steven Jeffrey)