Electives Day


Elective Presentation Day – 14 November 2018

The Elective Presentation day which can be regarded as the culmination of the BDS Electives programme was held on 14th November when our top Elective students had the opportunity to present their Elective project. This year we had another great morning.  Many thanks to Rachael Deen for her ongoing hard work to support the Electives programme and all her efforts to organise such a successful presentation morning.

We had a brilliant panel of judges who evaluated the presentations for consideration of one of the several prize awards available: Dr Martyn Chidgey, Mr Paul Carroll, Dr Sandy Buchan,  Miss Hannah Serrage.

 The standard of presentation was very high.  The students made it extremely hard for the judges to make a decision.   However after careful consideration the judges have awarded the prizes as follows:

  • Jasmeet Heran
    The Sands Cox Society John Rippin Memorial Prize for the Best Elective
  • Christie Grove
    The Dental Student Society Prize for the Best Overall Elective Presentation to .
  • Adele Kletz and Jasmeet Heran
    The Sir Arthur Thomson Trust  prize
  • Emma Davies
    The Onnelly Trust Elective prize
  • Annabelle Tibbett
    The Gabrielle Stanley Prize for Paediatric Dentistry Elective
  • Adele Kletz
    The Professor Anderson Elective Funding prize

The following students will receive a letter of commendation: Rahul Kalia, Frances Collett, Anisha Sharda, Ashika Shajahan.

Congratulations to all the students and well done.

The morning schedule with the list of all the presenters and their topics is shown below :-


Judges: Dr M Chidgey, Mr P Carroll, Dr J Camilleri, Miss H Serrage

Rahul Kalia  – An analysis of the aesthetic proportions of maxillary anterior teeth in a UK population
Christie Grove – A research project to evaluate the effectiveness of panopto in student learning and the subsequent development of visual resources for the use in dental education.
Emma Davies – Investigation into the current strategy of dental education for children in a long term foster care centre in Durban, South Africa, and assessing how this could be further improved to promote an increased preventative approach to their dental care.
Frances Collett – An investigation into the relationship between heart rate and difficulty grading of mountaineering routes in the European Alps
Adele Kletz – Evaluation of the Effect of Free Light Chains on Neutrophil Function
Jasmeet Heran – Sealer or Filler? The effective way of obturating the root canal for high success
Anisha Sharda – A cross-cultural study investigating the impact of social media on interpersonal communication and relationships in undergraduate students from the University of Birmingham and the University of Tokyo.
Annabelle Tibbett – A study of dental treatment need, including decay experience in the secondary dentition of high-risk children in a long-term foster care centre in Durban, South Africa
Ashika Shajahan – A cross-cultural comparative study investigating the link between self-reported stress levels and happiness, and the contributing factors in undergraduate students from University of Tokyo and University of Birmingham.

A winning line up