Seoul Visiting

Dr Upen Patel was invited to Seoul National University School of Dentistry to deliver a lecture ‘Implementing & Enhancing Dental Education with Technology’
The purpose of the conference in South Korea is to discuss Innovation of Dental Technology and its implementation into Dental Education.
The theme is to redefine the role and value of dentistry in the entire healthcare sector, centering on the future, and planning in-depth discussions on innovation in new technologies and their applied dental devices and medical technologies. In addition, conference delegates couldshare wide and various perspectives and also look at a new level of education using advanced dental science and new technologies.
Upen talked about how Birmingham uses technology to improve feedback and progress monitoring with CAFS, Canvas for distance masters and engaging with students on an electronic level, also using technology to provide an individual personalised diary to keep students informed of teaching delivery and clinics. He also talked abuot audience response systems and video technology.

Upen’s title slide
Our innovative CAFS application
View from the roof of Seoul National University School of Dentistry