Visitors from Hungary

Dr Renata Martos and Dr Rita Marincsak undertook a pre-Christmas visit to the School of Dentistry on behalf of their Dental School in Debrecen, Hungary to find out about teaching and assessment techniques here in Birmingham following a collaboration set up between the schools through Prof. Paul Cooper. Hosted by Dr Phil Tomson, our guests were particularly interested in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics spending time in the clinical skills suite, on clinic and had the opportunity to observe structure oral examinations. They also looked at our innovative educational material on CANVAS, our web-based assessment system – CAFS and discussed novel methods of video recording of dental procedures with Marco Dias da Silva. They go home energised about what they have seen and look to introduce some of what they learnt in their own dental school and develop this collaboration.

Phil Tomson with Renata and Rita
Marco da Silva with Renata and Rita