Stratford with BUDSS

THE annual event was excellent especially as the final year were there in force. It was a smaller event than normal mainly because the third years had examinations coming up. (Bad planning if you ask me) but that did not stop those who went from really enjoying themselves. Stratford upon Avon buzzes at all times especially in the summer. There was a bikers get together on the banks of the River Avon plus shows on at the RSC and there were many tourists around the place. Just to add that extra touch there were dental students in fancy dress. Shakespeare would have loved every minute of it


The theme – it was fancy dress and the inspiration was London Tube stations. My favourite was Knightsbridge by Vick Manan – very creative. I have posted my best pictures of everyone having a great time. Congratulations to the year of 2019 on the 100% pass rate and for making Stratford a great success.

BUDSS Chair with his crown
Decipher this lot
Only two of the Fab 4
Final Destination
Light my hat
Returning to normal after everyone has gone