Brussels sprouts Materials

An email from Brussels

In case you want to add it to Brumdentists, the Brummies are making quite a big presence at the EDMC in Brussels. Pictures attached. 
Brian and I are presenting keynotes, Mo and Samir posters and taking part in prize competition, Will chairing and Flavia with her networking. 
Greetings from Brussels. 😂
Dr. Josette Camilleri

School of Dentistry University of Birmingham 

Post conference news from Prof Palin.
“Samir Hamidi was a finalist in the Student Poster competition at the European Dental Materials conference in Brussels last week. He was awarded 2nd place for “Novel injectable, photo-curable and degradable polymer-based system” and was invited to give a 10 minute talk and research summary to >100 delegates.  An outstanding achievement given the high number of entrants and stiff competition. Josette also gave a keynote on hydraulic calcium silicate  materials which was very well received.”