Inspiring the next generation

On the 27th June 2019, four Birmingham BDS students (Delan Hadad BDS3, Amardev Dosanjh BDS3, Nicka Kafil BDS1 and Hanna Khalil BDS1) attended the UK Aspiring Healthcare Professionals Conference 2019 at the Millennium Point, Birmingham.

The conference was set up by Generations Medics, a non-profit led by Medics, with the aim of widening participation, reducing inequalities and increasing access for those who would not normally consider a career in healthcare. In the last 2 years the organisation has extended its support from just Medicine to include all branches of healthcare, including paramedics, nursing and of course Dentistry. We were contacted by them to run a stand at the conference to give a voice for Dentistry, giving our knowledge to pupils about dental school, how to apply, the challenges we face every day and the reward of working in the healthcare profession.

For many of us dental students, we’ve found that applying for dental school can often be about who you know and where you’re from. Work experience is hard to get nowadays unless you know a dentist personally, and pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds just don’t seem to have the same opportunities and knowledge compared to pupils from others. Organisations like Generations Medics aim to tackle this, reducing disparity between pupils’ opportunities by making the necessary information and support available to anyone and everyone, no matter who you are or where you’re from.

Delan Hadad