30 year reunion 2019

The Arthur Thompson Trust at the University of Birmingham is a charity that sponsors a 30 year year reunion meal for doctors and dentists. The year of 1989 gathered for a tour of the dental school. It is always difficult as the old building is now longer accessible. However the building at Pebble Mill is very impressive and although we call it new, it is now 4 years old. After the tour we then met at the Staff House for the formal meal. It is always good to meet the former students who are now successful dentists. Some have even moved away from dentistry and forged successful careers in other areas.

There was a welcome from the Head of School Prof Chapple and he took the assembled company back to the main events of 1989. After the toasts then it was over to the Alumni who talked a long time into the early hours of the morning. Both remembering past times and catching up with what they were now doing. Once again thank you to the Arthur Thompson Trust for their kind sponsorship of the event and to Erika Malone from the School of Dentistry who organised the evening.