Zoom Celebration

Many congratulations to our final year students in passing their finals under the most difficult circumstances you can imagine. After a huge online organisation that was done by the educational team in Dentistry, the final examinations took place during lockdown. After all the examinations had taken place and the results checked, the Head of Dentistry, Prof Iain Chapple was able to hold a glass of champagne whilst wearing white gloves. All the year of 2020 passed in one sitting. Congratulations to everyone. There were zoom celebrations across the country and those rooms that housed our dental students were incredibly noisy with all the cheering that took place. It seems to be the norm that we see pictures of people in individual boxes on a computer screen but this one was extra special for everyone. Well done to everyone involved and there will be more celebrations when the degree days happen next year. It may have been a very difficult time but this year of students will always remember that their examination results were announced under very different circumstances and hopefully never to be repeated for the years of students that are following them.