Farewell Nigel

This term we say goodbye to Nigel Orchard and wish him all the best for his retirement. On his last day supervising students his fellow GDP colleagues arranged a Christmas Lunch, with gifts and cards from staff and students all over the hospital showing gratitude for years of hard work.

Nigel and Nasser
Receiving gifts from colleagues

GDP colleague Ian Preston writes:

“Nigel joined the GDP teaching team at Birmingham Dental Hospital in around 2007. This was at least his third career in dentistry, by this time he had already been an officer in the RAF (mostly hiding in Cypress  and Germany) and a partner in a general practice on the English Riviera. 

Clearly he had an eye on civilised living and so was assigned to firm C. 

He was a great asset to the Firm and very quickly became a valued colleague and friend to those of us who were already long established as Firm C lecturers. 
Sadly after approximately 10 years (a little over three quarters of an hour in Nigel time) he was demoted to head of Firm B. Despite the blow to his self esteem, in typical Nigel style, he prospered. He became a great mentor to the Students he taught and helped them all come to terms with the fact that not everyone could be in firm C.

Probably Nigel’s most defining characteristics are his inspirational energy, stamina and calm leadership. His weekly commute to and from work is the stuff of legend, yet despite this challenge he has never shown signs of fatigue or impatience.

For past, present and future generations of dental surgeons he has consistently and clearly illuminated the way. None of us can remain in any doubt that the secret to achieving success and longevity in both our professional and family lives is a commitment to The Full English Breakfast, a modest sandwich based lunch and lashings of Bombay Sapphire when the days work is done.”

Socially distanced Christmas Lunch for Nigel with colleagues Alistair, Andy, Steve, Nasser, Ian and Alice