2014 Young Dental Communicator Award

Binish with Dr Armstrong and Dr Eaton
Binish with Dr Armstrong and Dr Eaton

Binish Khatoon won the 2014 British Dental Editors Forum Young Dental Communicator Award.  The award is given to a young person who has created a significant dental communication such as a  refereed article, journalism, social media, video, podcast, or any other form of communication.  Binish is a PhD student at the School of Dentistry undertaking educational research into mobile learning.  Her article was successful in winning the award.  Binish attended the award ceremony at the British Dental Association in Wimpole Street.  On receiving her award from Dr Ken Eaton (BDEF) and Dr Mick Armstrong (Chair BDA PEC), Binish gave a thank you address to the assembled audience.  Her article that won the competition is

Can we learn, teach and practise dentistry anywhere, anytime? By Binesh Khatoon (corresponding author) with co-authors were K. B. Hill & A. D. Walmsley

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