PhD Spotlight – Cleo White

Cleo White was successful in achieving a Westmere Scholarship. The school asked Cleo to let us know what the Scholarship meant, why she applied and what her research is about. The Westmere Scholarship: The Westmere Scholarship is a 12 month scholarship awarded to five postgraduate researchers, one from each college. The main aims of the scholarship are to engage with postgraduate researcher communities, initiate and deliver researcher development activities, and advocate and promote the new postgraduate research hub, Westmere . Why I applied: The main reason I applied was that I wanted to actively get involved in trying to support and especially uniting the postgraduate researcher community. One thing I have noticed is the lack of inter-disciplinary events for postgraduate researchers. Having helped organize the Research Poster Conference this year, it made me aware of the amount and variety of research currently being undertaken here, as well as the lack of interaction between the research community. My aim as a Westmere scholar is to organize exciting events that allow fellow PGRs to network with each other; hopefully improving the unity of the PGR community across the university. My Research: I am second year PhD student and my research focuses on developing a 3D model of human oral mucosa to look at the interactions between this and dental implants; with a view to modify implant surfaces to improve soft tissue interactions. My Supervisors I am supervised by Dr Dick Shelton, Professor Paul Cooper, Professor Gabriel Landini and Professor Owen Addison. If you are interested in undertaking your research studies at the School of Dentistry, the University of Birmingham then please follow this link. Research Opportunities at the School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham