Sci-Phy 4 Health

The School of Dentistry was pleased to host the doctoral students from the Sci-Phy (Physical Sciences for Health) doctoral training centre which is funded by the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council).

This programme aims to train a new generation of scientists as interdisciplinary researchers with a broad skill-base who will be at the forefront of developing physical science to contribute to breakthroughs in biomedical sciences and healthcare. Students apply their skills to address three key UK healthcare challenges:

  • Cardiovascular disease – the major killer of over 65’s in the UK
  • Ageing, a UK healthcare grand challenge
  • Trauma -the major killer of under 40s in the UK and over 65’s

The centre has many collaborations with industry, several national research institutes and both the QE Hospitals all of which are embedded in the programme to ensure developments have immediate impact on patients. Researchers at the dental hospital also input into the programme and our doctoral students have impacted on endodontics, wound healing and periodontology.

asci-phy4health04The day was a showcase of the activities of the centre taking place in the dental school/hospital and there is an attached programme. Staff are welcome to attend the lectures and there is lunch provided during the poster viewing session.

There was a warm welcome & introduction to the Sci-Phy centre by Hamid Dehghani and this was followed by PhD student Nina Vyas who outline the PSIBS (Physical Scinces for Imaging in the Biological Sciences) Experience. PSIBS was the forerunner of Sci-Phy. Then there were presentations on the future Science Programme of the Sci-Phy by Prof Ann Logan, Dr Rob Neely and Dr Pola Goldberg-Oppenheimer. The session finished with the Sci-Phy Experience by PhD student Megan Cooke.

Then there was a PSIBS/Sci-Phy Student Posters session in the foyer of LT1/LT2 lecture theatres. The posters covered imaging and life science research currently being undertaken at the Centre. There were also a number of representatives from Industry joining the session who were here to learn more about research at the University.