Graduation Day and Prize giving

Each Graduation Year has a story to tell about their time at Birmingham.  It may be the laughs along the way, the difficult examinations such as the OSCE or those wonderful Annual Student Balls.  There are stories in every year.  The year of 2018 is no exception and their story is that everyone who was entered for the final examination passed.  This allows the Head of School to wear white gloves when announcing the results.  Forever more the year is known for the award of the white gloves.  There have been 4 such occurrences over the time of the School of Dentistry and the previous one is documented on this blog.

Graduation day is always one to remember and the following pictures provide a memory of the day.  There are also pictures from the Prize giving that was held in the afternoon at the Dental School.  Prof Chapple had invited  guest of honour  Jill Knight, Baroness Knight of Collingtree to present the prizes.  Following the ceremony staff, students, Graduates, family and friends gathered in the Hospital Restaurant to enjoy some food and a drink.